Manal Ghazzawi

Elimination Champion

Sierra Leone

My goal is to focus on prevention of mother to child transmission of HBV by establishing game changing partnerships willing to make visions come to reality. My hope is to see ambitiously written strategic plans for elimination of hepatitis come to fruition in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Manal Ghazzawi, a Doctor of Pharmacy and public health specialist, leads the fight against hepatitis in Sierra Leone through her KnowHep Foundation. Her relentless efforts span community engagement, education, and advocacy. Manal’s grassroots campaigns target diverse communities, conducting town hall meetings and engaging youth in unconventional settings, like clubs and sports fields. A media fixture for health-related information, she hosts radio and TV talks, sponsors walks, and educates in schools and universities annually for World Hepatitis Day. Her pharmacy, CitiGlobe Pharmacy, provides accessible screenings and vaccines for hepatitis B. Through workshops and policy advocacy, she prioritizes testing and treatment for underserved people in her community. Overall, Dr. Ghazzawi’s comprehensive efforts pave the way for a future free of viral hepatitis in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Ghazzawi’s nominator enthused, “My nominee’s unwavering commitment and relentless efforts are an inspiration to me. Her relentless pursuit of excellence, dedication, and determination have truly set her apart. Her exceptional accomplishments and tireless dedication deserve to be recognized and celebrated.”

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